3D Bird Anatomy software

3D Bird Anatomy software 1.0

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After a long, very long lead time, version 1.0 of the 3D Bird Anatomy software has been released. I took part in this project as a consultant and I can say that I am very happy with the results. Those of you who saw my first post about this software back in 2013, may now see how the appearance of the virtual pigeon has improved.

The software has been through many changes. We improved the appearance of the skeleton and internal organs, subdivided the circulatory system into its main arteries and veins, corrected feather insertion and added more muscles. Teachers from Brazil and other countries are using this software in their anatomy classes and I’m sure they are going to like this news.

And … no more payola for today! I’ll just mention that blog readers are entitled to a 10% discount on the 3D Bird Anatomy software. Just use the promo code: PASSARINHOLOGA (no accent mark) for your purchase at Biosphera’s website. This is for a limited time only!

Some images of the software (click to see full size):

bird topograpy (external anatomy)

Topography (external anatomy)


pigeon internal anatomy 3d

Black background option to facilitate better visualization of structures.



Detail: skull


bird skeleton + respiratory and digestive systems

Systems can be displayed in any combination. In the above example: skeleton, respiratory system and digestive system.


flight muscles on pigeon

Muscles, in three layers. The pectoral muscle was temporarily hidden to allow viewing of supracoracoideus muscle.