natalia allenspachBirds are my greatest passion. I began studying anatids (ducks, geese and swans) and today I research frugivory and seed dispersal by birds of the Cerrado. I’m also crazy about ants, when they are not attacking my kitchen, of course. They and I have a serious problem with sweets…

Biologist, I have a master in Ecology and Natural Resources by UFSCar, plus an expertise in Environmental Management. The blog, which exists since 2011, is where I write about what I like: bird watching and ornithology. Bird watching is a hobby that has been very widespread in Brazil. Ornithology is the science dedicated to the study of birds. A more correct name to the blog would be, thus, “A Ornitóloga” (The Ornithologist). Very complicated, it turned into A Passarinhóloga (The Birdologist)!

For further information, portfolio and contact, please visit: natalia.allenspach.com.br